About Us


Hey guys! It’s Chris, Carly & Bronx here… Welcome to the ‘about us’ section, thanks for taking the time to find out a bit more about our crazy Beach Bums journey!

Hey it’s Chris here, Back in 2020 our little family very nearly ended up packing everything up & moving to Spain (somewhere we have fallen in love with over the years) longing for a life in the sun, with the aim of starting a business called ‘Beach Bums’. Unfortunately due to such unknowns at the time around Brexshit & myself also running a landscaping business we put the brakes on that & decided to stay put in the UK on the South Coast & further develop our ideas for BB’s. 

Carly & I have used the term ‘Beach Bums’ affectionately towards one another for years & years, as we’ve always naturally gravitated towards the Beach & its surrounding areas, once the idea of moving to Spain was paused, we decided we’d continue our full time jobs/landscaping business & start ‘Beach Bums’ anyway! 

After around 12 months of getting started & figuring a few things out we decided to use as much time as possible to fully commit to Beach Bums. 

The brand ethos really is a culmination of our most cherished interests & how we live our day to day lives. Carly & I grew up as teenagers around the late 90’s & early 2000’s, so much of our style has been inspired by the music & culture of that generation. You’ll often find us at old school car shows, music festivals, hanging out at the beach (be it on the beach or around the promenades/adjoining towns) & enjoying a drink & hang with friends. 

Beach Bums is pretty much a brand & movement for people of the same interests & a love for the old school style whether that be 90’s/2000’s or even older. We love old, cool shit from cars to art, music to tattoos & we like to respect our surroundings since we spend a lot of time heading to the beach or partying in field somewhere. 

  • You don’t have to worry whether our products are high quality or not. We ONLY use certified organic & recycled materials. 
  • We’re not bothered if the term ‘Vegan’ makes you rage 😆 we like to use vegan friendly inks without ramming this aspect of our brand down peoples throats. It’s just as easy for us to use vegan inks so why not, its a super nice touch. 
  • It goes without saying BUT we wont wrap your purchases in a bunch of shitty plastic, we do our absolute best to keep that crap away from our business as much as we possibly can.

Our future ambition is that Beach Bums continues to reflect our personalities & style in an authentic & genuine manor & we continue to offer our community of Beach Bums the best possible apparel with the sickest designs & old school sensibilities. 

Big Love 🖤

Chris, Carly, Bronx 

☠️ Beach Bums ☠️